After 16 years of researching, performance-testing, and evaluating just about everything under the sun.... we have no hesitancy in saying that this is…

The Easiest, Most Recession-Proof Way To Create Passive / Automated Trading-Cashflow In Your Sleep!

The headline above isn't hype... we've been doing this for years ourselves (recent proof in video)

From the desk of:
Brad Weinman & Barry Goss

Welcome friend.

If you're like us, then you love the idea of making money while you sleep, while you're out having fun, or even while you're on vacation.

We're committed to making that a reality for you, just like we've been doing for dozens of other clients.

On this page you'll learn how to get simple, step-by-step instructions to follow to start generating 100% automated daily passive profits from our forex bot-powered PAMM account.

Now, if you're completely new to this form of automated trading, let me answer the question

What is a PAMM account... and what's so special or unique about yours?

A PAMM Account (which stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module) is very different from other types of trading accounts out there.

They also come with their own set of specific benefits you won't find in any other type of passive investment vehicle, but especially this PAMM because it's only available by private invitation, either through us or through colleagues within our brain trust network.

With a PAMM account setup, there's basically one single master trader account we run our proprietary trading bots on, and then each investor has their own individual "sub" Investor account that's tied to our PAMM trader account through our broker of choice.

Every client's PAMM Investor account is traded together as a whole with the PAMM trader account.

The TOTAL balance of the PAMM account is all that matters here. In other words, it doesn’t matter if one Investor account has $30,000, or 30 Investor accounts have $1,000 each.

Anytime the bots place a trade in one of the master accounts, that same trade is automatically executed across all the client accounts proportional to their individual account balance.

Our exclusive PAMM account lets you begin with a small balance and enjoy the trading power of the Wall Street Giants.

For example, any bot clients that aren't part of our FX Alpha PAMM group needs a minimum of $5,000 to $10,000 for maximum results. 

The Big Brokers often require $100,000 or more to participate. But with our PAMM account, you get the same results with only a $1,000 balance.

8 Benefits To Make Your Wallet Sizzle...

100% 'Fund It & Forget It' System

Our tested and weekly optimized (as needed) bots do the work. You get the ROI.

Keep 70% Of All Profits

Your risk capital is able to grow passively, while you do absolutely nothing but collect the lion's share of the net profits.

No Signup Fee & Easy-Entry Minimums

While we recommend a starting account balance of at least $5k, you can start this with as little as $1k.

Piggyback Off Of Brad's 16+ years Of Algo-Trading Experience

Leverage your time and money by allowing him to make all key decisions, based off market movement and volatility

No VPS (Virtual Private Server) Or Software Needed To Download, Install & Manage

Unlike our bot software which requires you to setup a VPS, install the bots on an MT4 platform, and optimize settings, you can sit back and enjoy hands-free passive cash-flow.

Your Money, Your Control

Our PAMM setup means you have a fully-controlled segregated broker account.

Inflation/Recession-Proof Passive Cashflow

Profit in any economy. 

No Referring Others Required

No marketing. No sales required. You simply have your money earning passively.

Your Profits Piggyback, Automatically, Off of Our Master Account

As a PAMM client, you're going to get the same exact results that we get in our master account.

So, for example, if we make 5% profit next week in our master account, your account will show that same 5% gain as well.

However, the opposite situation can also be true. Because if the master account experiences a loss, that same loss will be proportionally reflected in your investor account, so keep this in mind.

Obviously, it's in our best interest to see you be profitable every month, but we believe in being completely transparent and not sugar coating anything just to make it sound better.

So even though we've got several proven strategies to help us mitigate risk, there are never any guarantees of profits when it comes to speculative trading.

Past performance isn't indicative of future results. After all, this is real trading. Which is why you should NEVER use money you cannot afford to lose.

Real People. Real Results.

What some of our clients are saying:

"In 6 weeks I've earned an average of 28% ROI"


"I'm making more than $100 - $200 every day"


"Our weekly profits have been between 1 and 4%"


"It's bringing me over $1,000 a week"


"The profit has been consistent"

I've tried several passive income opportunities over the years and have been burned badly quite a few times. A lot of big egos, bad risk management, and just a lack of transparency. It was the wild wild west.

When this was presented to me I was so grateful. Finally a team that really cares! No craziness, and risk management is important to them. I feel so confident with them I had my daughter start an account with them too.

I now no longer have to worry, and am kept updated regularly. I don't have to stress, and the profit has been unbelievably consistent. Again I am so grateful for this opportunity and would recommend this to anyone!


Disclaimer: Trading the foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange trading you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Our FX Alpha Fund

Our FX Alpha Fund PAMM account has a $1,000 minimum and a profit target of 6% - 10%+ per month

We're shooting for consistent long-term growth here, not unsustainable, flash-in-the-pan results.


Many of the world's most successful PAMM accounts take a 40% to 50% performance fee. However, we think you as a client should receive the bulk of the profits.


So we decided to go with a 70/30 split for the FX Alpha Fund.

In other words, you get to keep the lion's share of the profits, which are calculated by the high water mark.

What that means is, let's say you earn $1,000 for this month and $300 is taken out at the end of the month.

You're technically up $700 net for the month. 

When we go into the next month, there's no fee taken out on the first $700 you made. 

So we have to hit the high water mark, or the highest your account has been at that point in order for it to start calculating your profits for the following month. 

It's the same thing as not being double taxed, so you don't have to worry about paying the performance fee twice. 

How about if you take a withdrawal early, like during the second week?

What the system will do is it will calculate your profits up to that point and you'll see the fees for that period withdrawn from your account. 

Then whatever's owed at the end of the month that's above and beyond the fee you already paid will just be withdrawn as usual.

So again, you're not paying twice. 

The system is just getting you up to date because you took an early withdrawal.

Your funds are liquid. Just keep in mind that if we're in a situation where we're in higher than normal drawdown, meaning let's say you look at your balance and it's $2000, but your equity, which is your net is $1500, that's a $500 drawdown which would be 25% of your account. 

To ensure the safety and longevity of this passive investment income opportunity, withdrawals are not allowed while open trades are in play.

Our goal is to be completely out of the market with all trades closed by the end of every Friday, but there may be certain situations that require the bots to stay in trades for longer periods of time before they're closed out in profit. So just be aware of this.


To forex newbies and the uninitiated, this this might sound a bit counter intuitive, but our #1 priority is NOT to generate profits... it's to manage risk as best we can.

Preservation of capital should always be the main focus if you want to play the long game. Otherwise we might as well go to Vegas and gamble or play the lottery, right?!

We only focus on the things we can control and we do our best to eliminate the things we cannot. 

During these uncertain times where the world seems to be getting crazier and crazier by the day, we feel the need to add an extra layer of caution to how the bots are managing trades.

Even though our bots are designed to run on complete autopilot, nothing compares to hands-on, human intervention. Period.

It's no different than a self-driving Tesla.

Because at the end of the day, someone still needs to be in the driver's seat to ensure we reach our destination without blowing a tire and going off into a ditch on the side of the road. 

So the bots are doing most of the actual trading and handling the overall trade management side of things, but we're still very much in the driver's seat to manually intervene and assist whenever necessary in order to keep us going in the right direction.

While we're on the topic of managing risk, we had my developer code in a number of settings and filters into my bots' algorithm to manage risk really well on its own. 

After 16 years of in-the-trenches experience in the forex space, we know there will be times when volatility really kicks in and we need to watch the master account like a hawk. 

Experience has taught us when it comes to risk, we have to look at things from a worst case scenario perspective. 

Just know that we're doing everything we can behind the scenes to safely grow and protect your account

Ok, now that we've got all the housekeeping business out of the way, please follow the instructions below carefully to get up and running as soon as possible...

In Summary...

Here's what you'll gain by joining our PAMM 'FX Alpha Fund' today:

  1. 1
    A hands-free trading platform tied into the oldest and most-trusted form of currency: In addition to trading other currency pairs (i.e., the AUD/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP to name a few), Gold is generally a more profitable asset to trade. Plus, the value of having your risk-capital automatically traded using Gold against the dollar is that it's a value-preserving product asset that is stable and time-tested. Our bots are programmed, and optimized to take advantage of these exclusive benefits with a profit target goal of 6% to 10% each month.
  2. 2
    100% Piggybacked profits: We do all the heavy-lifting while you still have full-control of our own money. Including being able to take profits off the table whenever you desire (as long as no trades are open. Most of the time, they're all closed out by Friday). See our FAQs page for instructions and further info.
  3. 3
    A seasoned team of dedicated Forex-bot traders: Led by Brad Weinman, who has 16 years of experience in the algo-trading, electronic advisor (EA), niche... we'll be in constant communication with you about the our FX Alpha Fund (i.e., the master PAMM account), as well as available to you via email or our Telegram channel.

Real-Time FX Alpha Fund Stats

MyFxBook is the world's most-trusted independent verifier of Forex trading account performance.

As a third-party platform, it provides an added layer of confidence in the quality of any trading system because it's performance can never be faked.

Click on the "live" chart below to view FX Alpha's real-time stats, including total profit gain, max drawdown, as well as daily and monthly percentages.


Disclaimer: Past results are not indicative of future results.

BRAD WEINMAN  //  Algo Trader & Passive Income Specialist

Brad has been successfully working from home since 1993 and hasn't had a regular day job since 1989. For the past 24 years, he has invested 1000's of hours and well over six figures into researching, reviewing, and testing just about every type of online money-making opportunity and idea on the planet.

Today, with over 16 years of experience in the automated trading space, he specializes in the development of Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading bots and systems.

But Brad's real passion is showing ambitious-minded people (just like you) how to leverage a portion of their active income (from their job or a business) into multiple streams of passive investment income and get more out of life... more time, more money, and more happiness.

Join Dozens of Our Happy Passive

Cash-flow Enthusiasts

"I was making profits within the first 24 hours."

"I had heard nothing but good things about your auto-trading bots and PAMM account. I have two good friends with a lot of combined investing experience, and they highly recommended your two bots and PAMM to me. The sign-up process was simple, and you responded personally to my email within the first 4 hours of me signing up. I was making profits within the first 24 hours.

I would recommend your FX Alpha PAMM to anyone who is looking for a smart investment. Every investment comes with risk, but an educated risk can give huge benefits. FX Alpha has a proven track record. I am loving my decision to invest with this project."


"We have been very happy with the results of both the Bot and the PAMM accounts..."

"My husband and I began with the PAMM account in April 2022. At that time we purchased two of Brad's Bots. One was a moderate risk account and the other a higher risk. Once Brad announced his PAMM option we switched the higher risk Bot to the PAMM.

As a novice in this arena, there were several conversations with Brad trying to learn the ropes. It quickly became apparent that Brad was not only extremely knowledgeable in the arena but also extremely passionate. With the volatility of our financial system right now, we just feel much more comfortable knowing that Brad is hands-on and constantly monitoring the account.

We have been very happy with the results of both the Bot and the PAMM accounts and we very much appreciate Brad's communication with his clients. We would highly recommend either to anyone looking to invest in a passive investment income account."


The Best Time to Start Getting {Bot Profits} is Now!

Keep in mind that we created this Fund for the non-tech enthusiast, the guy or gal who doesn't want to buy our software, install it, tweak settings and manage a VPS, to participate in our documented 6% to 10%/per MONTH.

This is our way to give-back, to assist our trusted colleagues, members, friends and affiliates to participate in gold-trading... without an entry fee whatsoever.... to simply fund a FX brokerage account with a low-minimum (i.e., $1k starting risk-capital minimum | $5k recommended), tied to Brad's MASTER account... and start earning 100% automated profits right off the bat.

To get started.... simply click the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum to get started?

$1,000. However, $5,000+ gives you more opportunities to profit.

Side note: And, you can add-to / top-up your account anytime you like... without having to alert us.

We start each week's trading based on whatever the balance on the master account is at that time, and adjust our lot/position sizes accordingly. 

Do I send money to you to fund my account?

NO, absolutely not! Your money stays with the broker and is under your control at all times. We never touch your money directly. We can't make withdrawals or deposits on your  behalf. We only have permission to trade your account. That's it.

Where is this available?

Our PAMM-enabled broker accepts clients from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United States, the UK, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar, and most other countries.

They do not accept citizens from Belarus.

Outside of the performance fee, are there other costs?

Outside of the nominal payment processing fees the broker charges for withdrawals (which are about 2.5%), there are no other fees charged in the FX Alpha PAMM other than the 30% monthly performance fee which is based on NET profits.

How, specifically, does the 30% performance fee (70/30 split) work?

Aaron asks:

"At what point is the profit share taken?  

"Lets say in one week my account earned $100, but with the 70/30 split, I know the net earnings would be $70 for me - but at what point is the $30 taken?  Does that happen at the end of the week, aka, when the markets close and we finish up for the week?  Or does that automatically get deducted when I withdraw from my account?"

Our Answer:

First, let's talk about the weekly performance of the master account you may have seen us send out via email.

That number represents the gross profit that was generated in the master account via the prior week's trading activity. 

Fees, in the case of performance reporting, aren't mutually-inclusive. Meaning, the 70/30 split charge is only calculated once a month... and the fee is automatically triggered by LQDFX at the beginning of every month for the previous month's profits.

There are two exceptions though...

Exception #1 - If you make a withdrawal of your profits BEFORE the end of the month. If we're out of all trades when you make the withdrawal, you'll see the 30% fee deducted from your account right after you withdraw your profits (or any portion of profits and principal).

Exception #2 - If we happen to have trades open at the end of any given month (which is certainly possible), LQDFX will not withdraw the full 30% performance fee from your Investor account.

It will be prorated depending on what the equity of your account is at that time, and is also withdrawn automatically by LQDFX once a month based on NET profits your account has already earned.

NOTE: If we're still in trades when you want to make a withdrawal, then you'll need to contact us first to get specific instructions on what you need to send to LQDFX for them to process your withdrawal.

When will I see trades start to show up in my account?

Once you're verified and have funded your sub-account, you'll begin to see trades copied over as the system opens new trades. This usually happens within 48 hours of you attaching your funded account to our master PAMM account.

How do you recommend I take profits?

When just starting out, especially with less than $25k in risk-capital at work, it's human nature to desire to let your account capital compound as much as possible.

However, if you're a more conservative or prudent-speculator, we'd say to pay yourself first... on a weekly or bi-weekly basis right from the get-go. This means once all our trades are closed (by the weekend most of the time)... you can move anything in excess of your starting capital into the broker's wallet (or withdrawal them to your external crypto wallet).

This way, you're taking 100% of your profits 'off the table' consistently on a routine basis. The name of the game here is to get your  initial seed capital back as soon as possible.

Once you’re at break even and playing with the “house money”, you’re essentially trading risk-free. Then, from there you can decide how much you want to withdraw and how much you want to roll over to compound your profits over time.

[ Earning Potential ] - How Much Can I Make?

How much percentage profit or money you'll make over time with our FX Alpha PAMM account depends on several factors, including market movements and volatility we have no control over.

Not every month will be the same. And while past performance is no indication of future performance, but based on recent results, FX Alpha has been averaging between 8% to 16% per month, which equates to 5.6% to 11.2% in NET profits to clients (after performance fees).

See earnings calculator here...

Why join your PAMM account versus just buying your software?

In simple terms, our exclusive PAMM account lets you begin with a small balance and enjoy the trading power of the Wall Street Giants... without having to purchase our software, connect to a VPS, or know a thing about Forex robots / EAs (electronic advisors).

You are piggybacking off our our, yes, master trading account while enjoying 100% passive returns (i.e., professionally managed 100%)... weekly (2% to 4% ROI target each week).

We only take a 30% performance fee (industry standard) for doing all the heavy lifting. And even that is all automated. You literally do nothing but sit back and enjoy watching your account balance grow.

Have a question not listed here?

No problem. We're here for you... and... 9 times out of 10 we respond within 24 hours.

First, you can check our our main /faqs page here:

If your question still isn't listed there...

Email us at: [email protected]

Or, use our contact options here: