How To Trade Forex on Autopilot… and Take Profits in Crypto


Forewarning (read first):

There’s a wealth of immense opportunity, major ROI possibilities, outside the mainstream. Much of it, however, you won’t even know about unless you’re first willing to unleash from the conditioning of mass-market investing advice or online financial “influencers.”

Brad & I have been operating in the arena of smart-speculation for a collective 45+ years. When it comes to higher-risk, therefore higher reward, investment vehicles… and… methods that DO multiply money in extraordinary ways… suffice it to say, we know a thing or two.

However, in the beginning, it did take us a while to understand how the traditional financial system is rigged against outsiders; how it’s designed to siphon the earnings / capital gains from the average hard-working citizen through Orwellian legislation, supposed greater-good “green” mandates, and worse…the invisible confiscatory wealth tax: high inflation (more below).

So, we came to understand that a “rigged game” can only be beat by, well.. rigging our own technology-enabled trading system to profit within the game — the very foreign exchange markets designed by the elites to use for their own nefarious geopolitical war games.

We’re not gamblers. Nor, of course, are we just sit-back-and-watch-the-market-do-its-thing investors. Nope… “safe” is the opposite approach to winning when legit (i.e., not artificially propped-up) choices are few and far between.

However, in the words of fellow speculator and trader Lobo Tiggre (aka Louis James):

We are rational, disciplined, independent-minded people analyzing trends, doing everything possible to put the odds in our favor, and then committing capital to an idea that, we believe, has a high chance of delivering an outsized return.

Why take the risk?

“To make money, of course. A lot of money.”

If all the perspective above naturally gels with you like peanut butter does to jelly, then you’ll feel right at home here. If so, keep reading…

As of this writing (August ’22), the Biden administration is orchestrating a full-on PR (i.e., gaslighting) campaign to try and convince the American public that…

  • There is no recession

  • Inflation has been vanquished

I suppose if you believe in the re-definition of terms, for the sole benefit of… well… just feeling good (i.e., think “gender” and “racism” terminology obliterated)…

Then, okay, sure, the economy is doing hunky dory and, for shit’s sake, like San Francisco’s Federal Reserve President you can quip “I don’t feel the pain of inflation anymore.” (ref).

This out of touch elitist doesn’t’ feel a reported (across the board) 8.5% annual consumer price inflation (CPI)?

Good for her.

For the rest of us…

We realize that official CPI number doesn’t really tell the whole story about our own cost of living (hint: It’s more than what is reported).

So, even if you were to average out the official number from the alternative one (i.e., ShadowStats “Corrected” Alternate CPI estimate is over 15%,) you’re left with an average of 11%. Another way of looking at it from a long-term wealth-building perspective is this…

Your investments (including your 401k and other government mandated retirement accounts) need to be generating at least 11% per year just to keep up with inflation… and a 11% annual ROI means you’re just treading water.

Which is why you need to have some speculative-capital growing at a much higher rate of return.

The money game sucks when you’re just playing it in traditional fiat investing systems; when you’re mostly (still) playing it by their ‘money printing / devaluation’ rules.

I already dove deeper into that truth via the post In God and Bitcoin We Trust!, so I won’t rehash it.

It’s time for a viable / no-fuss-no-muss SOLUTION.

How to beat the invisible confiscatory wealth tax (i.e., out of control high-inflation) in 3 Easy Online Steps:

STEP #1: Find a reputable world-class FX broker which accepts crypto as a deposit method.(Preferably one which is accessible, for account inquiry questions, via the phone. Real humans. Amazing).

STEP #2: Sign-up. The easy part.

STEP #3: Find a reliable and time-tested automated trading bot which can consistently generate an average ROI of 3% to 10%per month. Install it on the MT4 platform that the broker, in step #1, will provide for you. Admittedly this step, Step #3, is the hard part.

Once you have completed the above, you have successfully created a unique “trading robot business” that automatically generates passive profits while you’re sleeping.

It leverages your money in the $9+ Trillion dollar per day foreign exchange market (dubbed Forex or FX), and passively multiplies it for you day and night, 24/5.

In fact, we often wake up to profits that took place the night before while we were in dreamland.

Brad and I realize that may sound like hype, but we’re as serious as a heart attack.

In all our years of testing countless passive investment opportunities, this one is the equivalent of owning your own private cash-collecting toll booth.

Now, today, we don’t mind sharing with you WHO (and WHY) we use a particular FX broker. I’ll get to that in a minute. For now, just know that STEP #3 above isn’t for everybody. If you’re new to trading bots, FX platforms, online software fiddling, etc… it’s going to be a whirlwind of frustration.

It’s why, for those just starting out or with limited risk-capital to employ, we offer a piggyback fund, of sorts. It’s official term is PAMM (industry acronym for Percentage Allocation Management Module).

In short, all you do is sign-up, fund your broker account, and connect it to Brad’s MASTER trading account.

Once it’s ready to go, you can check in as often as you’d like on your phone or computer to see how your money is growing and make withdrawals anytime you want (usually on weekends) ― your time is freed up to do what you want to do.

Here’s the primary benefits to using this 1-2 step fiat-to-crypto autobot trading system:

Key benefits of our PAMM product:

100% ‘Fund It & Leave It’ System: Bots do the work. You get the ROI.

Keep 70% Of All Profits: Your risk capital is able to grow passively, while you do absolutely nothing but collect the lion’s share of the net profits.

No Signup Fee & Easy-Entry Minimums: While we recommend a starting account balance of at least $5k, you can start this with as little as $1k.

Piggyback Off Of Brad’s 17+ years Of Algo-Trading Experience: Leverage your time and money by allowing him to make all key decisions, based off market movement and volatility.

Your Money, Your Control: Our PAMM setup means you have a fully-controlled segregated broker account.

No VPS (Virtual Private Server) Or Software Needed To Download, Install & Manage: Unlike our bot software which requires you to setup a VPS, install the bots on an MT4 platform, and optimize settings, you can sit back and enjoy hands-free passive cash-flow.

Inflation/Recession-Proof Passive Cashflow: Profit in any economy.

Our Bot Trades Major Currencies: Our bot is focused on historically stable assets (like the Australian dollar) against the world’s reserve currency (the US Dollar)… thereby preventing any black span events that can “rock” traditional currency pairs (i.e, the Euro, the Yen, etc) our of their normal trading ranges.

About the last point above
(tied to the title of this post):

As the bot is trading the XAU/USD currency pair (i.e., Gold) within the foreign exchanges markets…

When you take out profits every week (me, personally… I do it every Saturday morning), our endorsed FX broker will pay them to you in crypto (choosing BTC or USDT is usually the best option).

If BTC, due to the value-price equation, you can leverage your bot gains.

For example, let’s say the bot makes you 10% per month (which is what our proprietary bot has been averaging) and you’re withdrawing (and banking) your profits in Bitcoin on a regular basis.

And let’s say that over the course of the next 10 months, the price of Bitcoin doubles… well, you’ve just automatically DOUBLED your ROI without any extra work or risk.

Earning profits from forex and HODLing our crypto is a great way to leverage both markets

If you’re ready to put some of your idle discretionary money to work… risk-capital that, quite frankly, can be better served by being auto-traded… then simply click the button below.

This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky thing. This is what Brad, myself, and nearly 150 other colleagues and friends of ours do too.

About the Author

Barry is an information publisher having orchestrated development, since 2005, for multiple brands that produce leading-edge content in the fields of self-improvement and finance / investing.

He is an active 20+ year veteran of the markets with a focus on options trading and automated-bot trading.

Barry Goss

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