The Easiest, Most Recession-Proof Way To Make Automated Passive Investment Income In Your Sleep!

From the desk of: Brad Weinman

If you're like me, then you love the idea of making money while you sleep, while you're out having fun, or even while you're on vacation. 

I'm committed to making that a reality for you, just like I've been doing for dozens of other clients.

On this page you'll find the simple, step-by-step instructions to follow to start generating 100% automated daily passive profits from my forex bot-powered PAMM accounts (there are currently two available).

Now, if you're completely new to this form of automated trading, let me answer the question: 

What are our proprietary PAMM accounts?

A PAMM Account (which stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module) is very different from other types of trading accounts out there.

They also come with their own set of specific benefits you won't find in any other type of passive investment vehicle, but especially these PAMMs because they're only available by private invitation, either through me or one of my clients.

With a PAMM account setup, there's basically one single master trader account we run my proprietary trading bots on, and then each investor has their own individual "sub" Investor account that's tied to our main Titan Freedom Accelerator PAMM trader accounts through our broker of choice.

Every client's PAMM Investor account is traded together as a whole with the PAMM trader account.

The TOTAL balance of the PAMM account is all that matters here. In other words, it doesn’t matter if one Investor account has $30,000, or 30 Investor accounts have $1,000 each.

Anytime the bots place a trade in one of the master accounts, that same trade is automatically executed across all the client accounts proportional to their individual account balance.

Our exclusive PAMM accounts let you begin with a small balance and enjoy the trading power of the Wall Street Giants.

For example, any bot clients that aren't part of our Titan Freedom Accelerator PAMM groups need a minimum of $5,000 to $10,000 for maximum results.

The Big Brokers often require $100,000 or more to participate. But with our PAMM accounts you get the same results with only a $1,000 balance.


As a PAMM client, you're going to get the same exact results that we get in our master accounts. So, for example, if we make 5% profit next week in our master accounts, your account will show that same 5% gain as well.

However, the opposite situation can also be true. Because if the master accounts experiences a loss, that same loss will be proportionally reflected in your investor account, so keep this in mind.

Obviously, it's in our best interest to see you be profitable every month, but we believe in being completely transparent and not sugar coating anything just to make it sound better.

So even though we've got several proven strategies to help us mitigate risk (which we'll cover in a bit), there are never any guarantees of profits when it comes to speculative trading.

Past performance isn't indicative of future results. After all, this is real trading. Which is why you should NEVER use money you cannot afford to lose.

That being said, we have two separate PAMM accounts available:

PAMM #1: Titan Freedom Accelerator Fund 

This is our main PAMM that every client must join first. It has a $1,000 minimum and a profit target of 8% - 16% per month

We're shooting for consistent long-term growth here, not a quick, flash-in-the-pan type of scenario.

PAMM #2: Titan Gold X Freedom Accelerator Fund

This is our optional, higher-risk, higher-reward PAMM for clients who are looking for more aggressive passive profits. It has a $1,000 minimum and a profit target of 16% - 24% per month.

If you have a larger budget, you can join both PAMMs for added diversification.

MyFxBook Verified Accounts

MyFxBook is the world's most trusted independent verifiers of Forex trading account performance.

The platform provides an added layer of confidence in the quality of any algorithm because PAMM account performance can never be faked here.

So you can click on both of the widgets below to verify each account with the assurance that MyFxBook isn't influenced by anyone or any entity to tamper with the trading history/track record presented.





* Disclaimer: Past profits are not indicative to future gains.

Real People. Real Results.

What some of our clients are saying:

"In 6 weeks I've earned an average of 28% ROI"


"I'm making more than $100 - $200 every day"


"Our weekly profits have been between 1 - 4%"


"It's bringing me over $1,000 a week"


"The profit has been unbelievably consistent"

I've tried several passive income opportunities over the years and have been burned badly quite a few times. A lot of big egos, bad risk management, and just a lack of transparency. It was the wild wild west.

When this was presented to me I was so grateful. Finally a team that really cares! No craziness, and risk management is important to them. I feel so confident with them I had my daughter start an account with them too.

I now no longer have to worry, and am kept updated regularly. I don't have to stress, and the profit has been unbelievably consistent. Again I am so grateful for this opportunity and would recommend this to anyone!


Performance Fees

Many of the world's most successful PAMM accounts take a 50% performance fee. However, we think you as a client should receive the bulk of the profits.


So we decided to go with a 70/30 split for the Titan Freedom Accelerator Fund and a 65/35 split for the Titan Gold X Freedom Accelerator Fund.

In other words, you get to keep the lion's share of the profits, which are calculated by the high water mark.

What that means is, let's say you earn $1,000 for this month and $300 is taken out at the end of the month.

You're technically up $700 net for the month. 

When we go into the next month, there's no fee taken out on the first $700 you made. 

So we have to hit the high water mark, or the highest your account has been at that point in order for it to start calculating your profits for the following month. 

It's the same thing as not being double taxed, so you don't have to worry about paying the performance fee twice. 

How about if you take a withdrawal early, like during the second week?

What the system will do is it will calculate your profits up to that point and you'll see the fees for that period withdrawn from your account. 

Then whatever's owed at the end of the month that's above and beyond the fee you already paid will just be withdrawn as usual.

So again, you're not paying twice. 

The system is just getting you up to date because you took an early withdrawal.

Your funds are liquid. Just keep in mind that if we're in a situation where we're in higher than normal drawdown, meaning let's say you look at your balance and it's $2000, but your equity, which is your net is $1500, that's a $500 drawdown which would be 25% of your account. 

To ensure the safety and longevity of this passive investment income opportunity, withdrawals aren't allowed while open trades are in play.

Our goal is to be completely out of the market with all trades closed by the end of every Friday, but there may be certain situations that require the bots to stay in trades for longer periods of time before they're closed out in profit. So just be aware of this.


To forex newbies and the uninitiated, this this might sound a bit counter intuitive, but our #1 priority is NOT to generate profits... it's to manage risk as best we can.

Preservation of capital should always be the main focus if you want to play the long game.

Otherwise we might as well go to Vegas and gamble or play the lottery, right?!

We only focus on the things we can control and we do our best to eliminate the things we cannot. 

During these uncertain times where the world seems to be getting crazier and crazier by the day, we feel the need to add an extra layer of caution to how the bots are managing trades.

Even though my bots are designed to run on complete autopilot, it's no different than a self-driving Tesla.

Because at the end of the day, someone still needs to be in the driver's seat to ensure we reach our destination without blowing a tire and going off into a ditch on the side of the road. 

So the bots are doing all the trading and handling the overall trade management side of things, but we're still very much in the driver's seat to manually intervene and assist whenever necessary in order to keep us going in the right direction.

While we're on the topic of managing risk, we had my developer code in a number of settings and filters into my bots' algorithm to manage risk really well on its own. 

There will be times when the market is calm and we don't have to be glued to our screen monitoring everything minute by minute. 

But after 16 years of in-the-trenches experience in the forex space, we also know there will be times when volatility really kicks in and we need to watch the master accounts like a hawk. 

Experience has taught us when it comes to risk, we have to look at things from a worst case scenario perspective. 

I mean if there's some sort of future black swan event and the peanut butter hits the fan, you gotta ask yourself how much can I potentially lose?

So one of the most important settings we use in our main Titan Freedom Accelerator Fund (PAMM #1), is an equity protector, which is set to 50%. 

What this means is if there's some crazy event that causes the market to go bonkers in a very short span of time, the most you could lose is 50% of your money. 

This equity protection setting is like a stop gap in case of emergency. 

It's certainly not something we would ever want to see get triggered, but again, if the worst case scenario ever happened, we'd take a 50% hit in the short term, which allows us to get right back in the game and make it back. 

Note: PAMM #2 requires more breathing room for trades to play out in order to capture higher gains, which usually equates to higher drawdowns and risk. For this reason, the equity protector is set to 70% for this more aggressive account, rather than 50%.

Anyways, we just like knowing (and I hope you do too) that we've got a proven safeguard in place just in case. 

Just know that we're doing everything we can behind the scenes to safely grow and protect your account. 

Ok, now that we've got all the housekeeping business out of the way, please follow the instructions below carefully to get up and running as soon as possible...

Step #1 - Open an LQDFX Broker Account

Our private, invite-only PAMM accounts are being run exclusively through LQDFX, whom we've had a 3+ year working relationship with.

LQDFX offers one of the most user-friendly automated trading platforms in the entire industry. They also provide live phone support, great overall trading conditions, and some of the lowest trading fees you'll find anywhere.

Important Note: If you were referred to this page by someone other than me, please ask the person who referred you for their LQDFX signup link so they get credited properly. If you've already registered with LQDFX, skip this section and move onto Step #2.

Before registering with LQDFX, you'll need to have two forms of ID scanned and ready to upload in order to open and fund an Investor account:

1. A scanned copy of the front and back of your Driver's License.

2. A scanned copy of a bank statement or utility bill (gas, water or electric bill). 

Both forms of ID need to have your name and mailing address on them (your name and address must match).

Also, make sure all four corners of each document you upload is showing or they'll be rejected. LQDFX is a stickler when it comes to enforcing their KYC (Know Your Customer) policy.

If you were invited to this page by me and haven't yet signed up with LQDFX, click here and go through the registration process.

Choose to register as either an Individual (the most popular option), or as a business:

Then fill out the rest of the required information:

Once you fill out the form above, you'll be taken to your LQDFX back office dashboard where you'll need to upload your scanned ID documents - click on the "Upload Documents" icon:

There's no point in doing anything else until your documents are verified, your account is approved and you're ready to go.

Once your account is approved (and you see the green highlighted box on the upper left of your back office), select "Deposit" and fund your broker wallet (again, the minimum for our  PAMM accounts is $1,000):

Note: The "Crypto" funding method is the most convenient way to move money in and out of LQDFX. If you need help funding your account, get back to the person who referred you (contact me if I referred you):

Step #2 - Create and Fund your PAMM Investor Account(s)

Once your LQDFX broker wallet is funded, it's time to create your first PAMM Investor account and transfer the funds into that account from your wallet - you'll need to follow the same exact process (with a minimum of $1,000 each) if you want to join BOTH of our PAMMs.

Click on "Trading Account" from the side menu and then click "Create live account":

Then click on the "MT4 PAMM" icon and choose "Investor" for the account type from the dropdown menu, and click the red "CREATE" button: 

Once you've created that Investor account, you can then transfer the funds from your wallet to your trading account. To do that, click on the little circular icon on the upper right and you'll see this dropdown menu where you can choose "INTERNAL TRANSFER":

Next, do an internal transfer from "WALLET" to "TRADING ACCOUNT". Enter the dollar amount you want to transfer with a minimum of at least $1,000, and then hit the red "TRANSFER" button:

Step #3 - Connect Your Investor Account(s) To Our Master PAMM Account(s)

PAMM #1: Titan Freedom Accelerator Fund - Once you've transferred your funds into your first Investor account, log into your LQDFX dashboard and click this link, which will take you to a popup page for PAMM #1 that looks like this:

Check all the boxes to accept the terms, including the LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney), which grants LQDFX permission to allow our bots to make trades on your account.

Enter the password 7EWtUcib in the slot that says, "ENTER PRIVATE CODE", choose the Investor account you just created and click the red "ATTACH" button.

Lastly, click the green "OK" button on the pop-up and at that's it:

PAMM #2: Titan Gold X Freedom Accelerator Fund - If you want to join our optional higher-risk, higher-reward PAMM #2 (remember, you must fund and join PAMM #1 above with at least $1,000 before you can join PAMM #2), log into your LQDFX dashboard and click this link, which will take you to a popup page for PAMM #2 that looks like this:

Check all the boxes to accept the terms, including the LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney), which grants LQDFX permission to allow our bots to make trades on your account.

Choose the 2nd Investor account you just created and funded and click the red "ATTACH" button.

Lastly, click the green "OK" button on the pop-up and at that's it:

Step #4 - Email Us Your Info

Once you've completed all 3 steps above, email the following information to us at [email protected] to get confirmed/accepted onto the PAMM system:

1. Name

2. Phone number

3. Email

4. MT4 Investor Account number(s)

5. Amount(s) invested

Step #5 - Click Here To Join Our Private Titan Freedom Accelerator Fund PAMM Telegram Channel

Step #6 - How To Check Your PAMM Account Stats

Have Questions? Need Help? 

DM me via Telegram or shoot me an email at passiveincomerenegade @

Thanks and looking forward!

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