In God and Bitcoin We Trust


“Remember what it takes to create a prosperous, fair economy? 

Honest money (that no one can fiddle)… honest judges (protecting freedom and property rights)… and honest prices (set by buyers and sellers, not by the government).

“That is, the signals have to be neutral and true. Like traffic lights on the highway, they should not favor any special group… or any special cause… but rather, help everyone get home, safely.” 

– Bill Bonner

My Personal Observations About An All-Mighty Nation On Life Support!

There I was… a freshly-frocked E5, 2nd-class Petty Officer…

Walking into my new duty station in March of 1993. Standing on the pier, at a chipper 24 years of age, at Norfolk Naval Station, it was the biggest ” office building” I had ever seen.

At 244 feet tall, kneel to top mast, and the length of three football fields, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) was an impressive sight to behold.

After catching my breath from the visual amazement of it all, I walked up the gangway into the hangar bay. Then, through a series of corridors on the aft section of the ship to a steep ladder to the flight deck level; then onto more ladders leading to the “island” where 3 more stories up I hit the blue-floor, indicating I had arrived at my duty station.

The SSES — or Ship’s Signals Exploitation Space — was the “space” I would spend the next 10 months of my short 6-year naval career.

Sectioned within 20 feet of the Captain’s Quarters, we were essentially the eyes and ears for the ship. As part of the cryptography team, all sensitive and compartmentalized messaging traffic came through us.

Our team listened to, decoded, translated and interpreted any and everything around us.

Who We Don’t Trust

To put it in perspective, an artist added the following saying around our insignia, a crossed quill and spark, at the entry way into SSES:

“In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor!”

The above work environment, military albeit, is just one example of centralized-communication that is highly-controlled and secretively-secure. Everything, even amongst our team, was only performed on a Need-To-know basis.

On the flipside, when you boil the reality of public “blockchain” down to it’s core elements, you’re really left with nothing but transparency and full accessibility — the ability for any and everyone to see and validate information on a decentralized ledger.

This is important because, when you engage with digital DeFi assets, your transactions are anonymous but still decoded on a public ledger that is impossible to change, hack, or utilize to cheat the system.

What we don’t want is something like China’s version of “In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor” when it comes to their everyday citizenry.

They are on the world’s stage, front and center, rolling out their central-bank controlled digital yuan, or eCNY. This is a centralized form of “digital currency” where it is super-easy to increase financial surveillance and significantly hamper the freedom of their citizens, where China has total knowledge and control of everything their citizens buy, sell, or own.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Here in the US, there are many people (yes, those in high places as well) on a quest to abolish our form of centralized-control, where the FED, using the fiat-dollar as it’s medium of exchange / unit of account, is effectively, doing whatever the hell it wants.

The FED is an institution that is run by and exists for the elite.

It’s handlers, without saying it (but through their actions), operate in a way which means Damn the future of our children and their children’s buying power and ability to rely on inherited “money” as having any value whatsoever.

We’re waking up, however. The Sheeple are making noise, slowly but surely. The flock is realizing that what is best for the fiat-dollar, and its corrupt beneficiaries, is no longer what is best for America and Americans.

Hard work, unleashed creativity and ambition, without draconian restrictions and rule-of-law / cover-our-ass nonsense, is what made the USA a world power.

As Anthony Pompliano (mentioned in Email #2 of this series) stated on 01-14-22:

“The United States has historically served as the shining example on a global stage when it comes to freedom, innovation, and economic prosperity.”

But, due to reasons mostly philosophical, highlighted on my Freedom Isn’t Free post, I’m seeing the USA just surviving now; not thriving. We’re on life-support breathing off the Government’s Goodie Bag.

There’s a bent, via the vocal minority, to celebrate incompetency and extremism, while accepting entitled handouts in the form of stimulus checks, rulings that you don’t have to pay your rent, generous social security and food stamp payment increases, tax credits, educational loan forgiveness…. and… the list of granny-state benefits for the masses becomes endless.

All it takes to keep them on the sugar tit is, well, no surprise…

Money printing gone wild.

So, if you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not that optimistic about our country’s dominant status quo too much longer.

Empires rise. Empires Fall!

Sacrificial Lambs

As international crisis-investor Nick Giambruno recently reported:

Ludwig von Mises, the godfather of free-market Austrian economics, summed up the Fed’s dilemma:

“There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

The Fed has two choices:

1) keep printing trillions and let inflation skyrocket or,
2) tighten monetary policy and watch the markets crash.

In other words, it can sacrifice the stock market or the dollar.

Allowing either, quite honestly, is a fool’s decision for the Powers That Be who need an endless money spicket to finance multitrillion-dollar deficits.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the total deficit between now and 2031 will be close to $20 trillion, but that will almost certainly understate the actual numbers.

Who is going to finance this, conservatively, $20 trillion shortfall?

Digital Neutrality

If you believe and trust in, as I do, the notion that history rhymes and life, overall, runs in cycles… often though, through technology leading the way…

Then you’ll prepare for the old guard dismantling.

The old guard being the brokers, bankers and bureaucrats whose status has been fueled through the exorbitant privilege represented by the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Since 1450, the average lifespan for any reserve currency, worldwide, is… 100 years. The US dollar has been the world’s reserve currency for 101 years now.

Combine that with this fact, as Sylvain Saurel commented:

“The hegemony of the U.S. dollar is becoming more and more troublesome around the world. China realizes that it cannot become the world’s leading power as long as the US dollar is at the center of the monetary and financial system. Russia wants to better protect itself from US economic sanctions by moving away from the US dollar to gold while increasing its trade with China in yuan.”


The United States, through it’s henchmen, the IMF and the World Bank, are scrambling around the world to cajole these countries, and many others, to support the dollar, the Empire, to stay in the game.

Protectionism offers are one of their selling points. Yet, it’s not worldwide governmental “leaders” that really matter. It’s the People.

And, damn are we truly seeing the sham, the writing on the wall, for what it is. Some of us even understand that as Bitcoin continues to advance its revolution block by block, it by proxy becomes “hard money” in a decentralized digital world — one where the underpinning of the NEW currency becomes leaderless, neutral and apolitical.

Yes, we The People are catching on.

About the Author

Barry is an information publisher having orchestrated development, since 2005, for multiple brands that produce leading-edge content in the fields of self-improvement and finance / investing.

He is an active 20+ year veteran of the markets with a focus on options trading and automated-bot trading.

Barry Goss

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